Theatre – it’s in the blood!

Strange that Pig Stew is being performed at the People’s Theatre. Turns out some (fairly distant) relatives of mine founded the theatre a hundred years ago!  Ya see, it’s all in the blood 🙂

Read all about it and the run up to Pig Stew in the Newcastle Journal

Great opening night last night. Here’s to the cast and crew breaking some trotters for the rest of the run.

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2 comments on “Theatre – it’s in the blood!

  1. Well done, Fiona, a beautifully crafted play and a thoroughly deserved award.

  2. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Thanks so much Rachel. I’ve just seen the review in the Journal – what a relief!

    Sorry I didn’t see you last night. It was my husband’s birthday and we went out to dinner.

    Hope to see you sometime soon,


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