People’s Play Award

Pig stew stage playMy play, Pig Stew, has just won The People’s Play Award. Three sisters inherit a pig farm in Northumberland and are targeted by a conman. Take one dash of greed, a good dose of unforgiveness and a hint of cannibalism and you have a great recipe for drama. The bi-annual award is sponsored by New Writing North and the People’s Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne. As well as a nice cheque, the prize includes a full production of Pig Stew in November 2010. It will be directed by Sarah McClane of the People’s Theatre.  Previous winners of the award include Peter Straughan who most recently penned the screenplay for Men Who Stare at Goats (starring George Clooney), playwright Carina Rodney (Pub Quiz) and of course my co-director and producer of The Last of the Gypsy Royals Tony Glover.

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12 comments on “People’s Play Award

  1. lizzy on said:

    Congratulations on your award. You certainly are a very busy and industrious lady.
    Wishing you luck in your future adventures in the literary field, and hoping your luck holds out in your venture into the world of the travellers and their ilk.
    Hope the sun shines bright on Kirk Yetholm on the 25th July 2010.
    Elizabeth Triantafillou

  2. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Thank you Lizzy. Yes I’m praying for good weather for Kirk Yetholm and good reviews for the play 🙂

  3. Carol Grayson on said:

    Well done on your People’s Play award… excellent!

    I really enjoyed your non-fiction writing course and it has helped me a lot so thanks again… I would certainly recommend it to those who wish to break into that area of writing… Carol Grayson

  4. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Thanks Carol! Long time no hear. Hope you’re well.

  5. Carol Grayson on said:

    Thanks, I am good, still campaigning on health/human rights and continuing to recommend your site to budding writers.

  6. Eileen Tiffin de Quadra on said:

    Hi Fiona

    Many congratulations on your award!
    Your playwriting career is certainly taking off – well done.
    Hope you’re well – will catch up one of these days.

  7. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Thanks Eileen. You’ll have to come see it and we can have a drink afterwards.

  8. Eileen Tiffin de Quadra on said:

    That would be lovely Fiona – keep me posted!

  9. Mastermind Board Game on said:

    I was under the impression that this was about The People’s Play Awards from Time To Play. Oh well, since I’m here I’ll tell you that I was voting for Mastermind Board Game. Congratulations on your play!

  10. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Thank you. And just for that I’ll let your shameless plug pass 🙂

  11. Michael Hunter on said:

    I don’t know who was in the short-list, but your play was superb..Very gritty and down right enjoyable


  12. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Thank you Michael. I’m very glad you enjoyed it.

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