Atrocious teenage poetry

Came across this brilliant opportunity to finally get my poetry in print. Fame at last!

‘Nobody Understands Me’ – Call out for atrocious teenage poetry

Calling all ex-teens,

Part public-service, part anti-vanity project; we are putting together the most wonderfully, desperately, earnestly poor collection of teenage poetry we can source and are hoping that you can help us.

We will accept work from anyone over 20 but the work has to be your own, the subject something you can look back and laugh about now, and the quality along the lines of; ‘it’s a mystery how this has escaped burning’!

The glory will be non-existent as the poems will be printed anonymously, so this isn’t a good option for anyone who is secretly hoping that someone will think their poetry is really rather good and offer them a massive publishing deal. Similarly, comedians need not apply, we’re only interested in work which is unintentionally humorous.

Unfortunately we can’t pay you; this enterprise is purely for fun and to celebrate a shared pubescent talent-deficit, however a lovely copy of the anthology can be sent to you for the meagre cost of home-printing and postage.

Please have a good root through your old journals and select us some thrilling oddities!

Poems should be sent to chickenwire_woman.

Please feel free to forward this onto anyone you suspect may have written poetry every bit as bad as yours.

I’ll be sending something in – how about you?

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