Non-fiction market opportunities


The following magazines are currently looking for freelance work:

  • Garden Answers – email to request contributors’ guidelines.
  • Psychologies – check out the website for contributors’ guidelines. As well as psychology and emotional health articles, they are looking for travel features that include an element of self-discovery. You can also submit a 500-word ‘your story’ for the online magazine, although there won’t be any payment.
  • Horse magazine are looking for features – Send a short brief of 150 words in bullet points to They also pay a tip-off fee for ‘horsey gossip’.
  • Plenty – a ‘green’ magazine looking for articles on lifestyle topics including food, travel, fashion and technology. Click on the website for contributors’ guidelines. They are looking for print articles (1500 – 3000 words) or web articles (500 words).

True-life story anthologies

  • God Allows U-Turns series is looking for inspirational true-story submissions for its next anthology. Deadline is 31 December; check out their website for contributors’ guidelines. Stories need to be from 500 to 1200 words.

Parenting guides

  • Need2Know, an imprint of Forward Press, is looking for proposals for books on a parent’s guide to teenage obesity and another on behavioural difficulties. Check out the website for further details.

I will be looking at how to put a book / magazine proposal together in Week 7 (14 November) of my non-fiction writing course. But if you want to get a head start, request contributors’ guidelines for whichever one interests you and get some ideas together in advance.

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2 comments on “Non-fiction market opportunities

  1. JEAN LOCKHEAD on said:

    Thank you for such a marvellous course. the course is realley wakening my ideas and although I don’t see myself writing a great deal of non-fiction I am grateful for the experience and knowledge that the course has provided and am ready to proceed.

  2. Fiona on said:

    Congratulations on pushing through to the end Jean! I’m glad it has stimulated you and I hope you feel better equipped as a writer for doing it.


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