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andrea-levy-the-long-songI’ve recently read The Long Song by Angela Levy. Set in the twilight years of slavery in Jamaica, this passionate and witty novel is a masterclass in writing historical fiction. To read my review, visit my new author blog. To learn more about how to write historical fiction, Ruth Downie, author of the Ruso Roman mystery novels, did a series of guest blogs for The Crafty Writer a couple of years ago:

  1. Writing Historical Fiction 1 – Creating your historical world.
  2. Writing Historical Fiction 2 – Doing the research.
  3. Writing Historical Fiction 3 – Using fact in fiction.

fiona-veitch-smith-the-peace-gardenIf you enjoy reading books like The Long Song and the Ruso series you will also enjoy my literary thriller, The Peace Garden, which deals with the aftermath of the Soweto Riots and its repercussions in the lives of two young lovers. To find out more, read Ruth Downie’s review of The Peace Garden.

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