New novel on Kindle: The Peace Garden

fiona-veitch-smith-the-peace-gardenWell I’ve finally bitten the bullet and released a novel on Kindle. The actual process of getting it up on the site was relatively simple, but it took a few goes as I needed to ensure that the source Word doc was as visually close to publishing as it could be with all of the correct style ‘tags’ in place. Yes the Kindle software formats your document into e-book form but it takes its cues from your original document and it is only when you review the Kindle version and see odd lines in odd places that you realise something has gone wrong in the source document. So if you’re going to follow my footsteps and get your book onto Kindle, take the time to get it right. And if you’re looking for a new book this autumn, why not download The Peace Garden now?

“When Natalie Porter starts investigating plant theft in a suburban cul-de-sac, she never dreams it will lead her on a terrifying journey from the gardens of England to the townships of Apartheid South Africa; and a far darker secret than the whereabouts of a missing azalea. A romantic thriller doused in political intrigue, racial tension, international terrorism and … gardening. If you like your romances gentle and your thrillers intelligent, then you won’t be able to put down The Peace Garden until the last breathtaking page.”

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