Enemy Lines in Jersey

Branchage Film FestivalI’m chuffed to see that Enemy Lines is going to be one of the films shown in the ‘LONDON’ exhibition at the Branchage International Film Festival in Jersey. LONDON is a selection of films which were previously shown at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. In the words of festival director Joe Bateman: 

LONDON will showcase an engaging variety of creative short films (from this year’s Festival Shortlist) about, for or made by Londoners. The work includes factual accounts, fictional settings and animated adventures that will be sure to transport the audience into the many different worlds of London.

Those who know the film will wonder how a drama shot in Gateshead and Sunderland with North East producers and actors and a writer who lives in Newcastle managed to get the LONDON tag. Well it’s because director Mike Steel, although a northern lad himself, lives and works doon sooth at the Beeb.

The screening will take place at 2.45pm at the Old Magistrate’s Court on Friday 2nd October.

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