Rushes Soho Short Film Festival

My film, Enemy Lines, has been selected in the short film category at this year’s Rushes Soho Shorts Festival:

soho shorts film festival

140 new films from 18 countries will be competing in 8 categories:  Long Form, International, Newcomer, Short Film, Documentary, Animation, Music Video and Broadcast Design. The Official Competition Screenings will be held at The Institute of Contemporary Arts in central London.  The Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday 30th July 2009.

enemy lines short film

Enemy Lines will be screened on Thursday 23 July (6.30pm , Cinema 1; Saturday 25 July (9pm, Cinema 2) and Wednesday 29 July (9pm, Cinema 1). 

Other films to be screened at the festival include Sadie Frost’s Directorial Debut, Danny Boyles End Credit Sequence for Slumdog Millionaire, actors such as Michael Bryne (Gangs of New York), Juliet Stevenson (Bend It Like Beckham), Nick Nolte (Hotel Rwanda, 48 Hours), Connie Fischer (Sound Of Music), Russel Tovey (Being Human), Chris Hehir (Green Street), Danny Cunningham (24 Hour Party People), Jack O’Connell (This is England), comedians such as Adam Buxton Lulu McClatchy and Alexei Sayle, and music videos from McFly to Royskopp, Will Young to Goldfrapp, Coldplay and U2 and many more.

Having grown dramatically every year since its inauguration in 1998, this year’s festival runs over 10 days and offers a wide range of events including the Opening Night Premiere ‘The Calling’, BAFTA Short Filmmakers Market, seminars, panel discussions, guest screening programmes, receptions and exhibitions held in 15 different venues in Soho district.

All events and full booking details can be found on their website:

I’ll be going down for the Wednesday screening and will be meeting up with my director, Michael Steel. Please let me know if you’re going to any of the screenings.

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11 comments on “Rushes Soho Short Film Festival

  1. Alan on said:

    Congratulations Fiona on your short being screened as part of Rushes Soho Short Film Festival.

  2. Fiona on said:

    Thanks Alan. We should hear on Monday whether or not its been shortlisted into the top 3. All films will still be shown, but the top 3 are then up for an award too. Sadly, only the directors get invited to the awards ceremony. And I had such a lovely dress picked out too … 🙁

  3. Rosalie Warren on said:

    Congratulations, Fiona! I really hope you get shortlisted. Bit unfair that they don’t invite the writers to the awards ceremony though…

  4. Fiona on said:

    Limited space, apparently. They obviously haven’t seen me. As a starving writer I hardly take up any room at all 🙂

  5. Tim Rowe on said:

    I’ll be going along this evening — my office is in Pall Mall, so it’s on my doorstep! Setting off now, actually, to see whether the ICA cafe is any good.

  6. Fiona on said:

    I do hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t – lie!

  7. Tim Rowe on said:

    I thought it was a wonderful evening — although I have to say you’re in with some fierce competition: I particularly liked “Hammerhead”, “Transit” and “Post-It Love”. “What’s a Virgin” got a good audience reaction, although it was really just a simple joke.

    As the girl said before they ran the films, though, they got a “shedload” of entries, so the ones selected for the showing really are the finest short films being made — well done for getting this far, and fingers crossed for the shortlist!

  8. Fiona on said:

    Glad you enjoyed it. As I will only get to see the competition next week I will live in ignorant bliss until then, believing we have a chance 🙂

  9. Tim Rowe on said:

    Oh, I’m certainly not saying that you don’t have a chance, just that it will be tough!

  10. Fiona on said:

    Yeah, I know, and I’m grateful we got so far. Only directors with at least two films to their names are entitled to enter, and most ‘experienced’ directors don’t work with debut writers like me. Did you spot my Hitchcock moment? I was the brunette at the front of the war demo …

  11. Tim Rowe on said:

    Drat! Now I’ve got to go and see it again to spot that!

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