Tips from a ‘generalist’ freelance writer

Fellow freelance, Linda Jones, has asked me to guest on her excellent blog You may want to pop over there to read my tips as well as all the other useful advice that she provides on her site.

Some writers are specialists, others generalists. Iā€™m the latter.This is partly a matter of personality and partly one of fear. Although I trained as a news reporter in the early 1990s, I soon realised that the rigours and confines of writing hard copy for news did not allow me the creative freedom I desired ā€“ so I became a freelance feature writer. Naturally, I pitched for work in areas that interested me. The problem was, lots of things interested me… Read more.

Due to other writing commitments, including the success of a non-fiction writing career, Linda is withdrawing from editing her blog. However, she’s looking for another successful freelance writer to take over the site. We wish her the best in her future plans.

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