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Commercial exploitation of children’s books

Whether we like it or not, stories in the form of books and broadcast programmes are commercial products. This crossover between art and commerce is perhaps most evident in children’s stories and their subsequent product ‘spin-offs’. As writers we need to be aware of what those spin-offs may be and whether or not we are comfortable being used to flog them to children. The Crafty Writer asked Dr Dan Acuff, a marketing consultant for companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Hallmark, Warner Bros., Scholastic and Lucas-Speilberg, what a writer needs to consider.
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Writing for health

This is not an article on how to write for the health market (if that’s what you’re looking for, read A Health Writer Coughs Up) but rather an insight into how writing can be good for your health. While professional or semi-professional writers who have just had a string of rejections, worked past midnight to meet a deadline and whose bank accounts are on life support may shudder at the thought, let’s not forget that many people write for the sheer pleasure of it.  And that’s something we should all try to reclaim. Continue reading ‘Writing for health’

Freelance writing markets

One of the most time-consuming task of any freelance writer is looking for and following up leads on new markets. I’ve just come across a website that helps you find paying outlets in fiction, poetry and non-fiction writing. You can also sign up (free) for a weekly newsletter that provides you with a round-up of market opportunities. Visit Worldwide Freelance Writer for more information. There is also a dedicated European sub-division called EU Writer.

Tolkien history resource

For all you LOTR buffs, there’s a new website that delves into the fascinating links between Tolkien’s fantasy and real historical events and places. Christine Ahmed has put in an enormous amount of work to chronicle the references to Scottish Border and Northumberland history and culture at