Book Club Reminder

bill-bryson-shakespeare-the-world-as-a-stageFor all you Crafty Writer Book Club members, we will open again this weekend to discuss Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare: the World as a Stage. That gives you a few days to finish, revisit or speed read the book. For those of you new to The Crafty Writer, once every two months (give or take) we discuss a best-selling book from a writer’s perspective. As this is our first non-fiction book we will divide our discussion under the following headings:

  • author
  • genre
  • structure
  • sources and credibility
  • research and content
  • writing style
  • marketing

I’ll make some initial observations and pose suggested questions for discussion. Some of our regular book club participants are published authors themselves, so it’s a great opportunity to share their knowledge and insight. You don’t have to do anything to join other than pitch up and participate. If you haven’t got a copy of the book yet you can buy it through the The Crafty Writer Bookshop and we will get a small commission that keeps the Club and all the information on this website free.

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