Breaking the Block

Writer’s block can halt productivity for days or merely hours, but it can be broken with positive action and a deliberate motivation to do so and a few techniques.

I was planning on writing a post on the mythical Writers’ Block, but another blogger beat me to it. Check out this great article on Breaking the Block by Neil Dixon:

You may also want to visit Neil’s new initiative, which looks like it’s going to make a positive contribution to the writing blogosphere. I particularly like his realistic approach to writing and publishing by refusing to lead people into believing that they too can be the next Dan Brown.

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One comment on “Breaking the Block

  1. neil... on said:

    HI Fiona, Thank you for the link-love, much appreciated!

    I am pleased you noticed an attempt at a the tone of reflecting a realistic outlook on becoming an author/writer and working within the publishing industry. Although the author’s life is rarely as glamorous as so many expect, I believe we are seeing a genuine broadening of horizons, and authors now have many more ways to reach an audience. Exciting times.

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