Christian Writing Course

We write because we were created to. Ever since the first scratchings on cave walls, people have tried to communicate their thoughts, stories and ideas through the written word. People of faith are no different. Writing as Worship and Witness is a six-week course, hosted on the Crafy Writer’s sister site,, and is aimed at people who want to explore writing as part of their Christian walk.

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4 comments on “Christian Writing Course

  1. Verica Peacock on said:

    Hello again, Fiona

    I was very interested to read this course and also that you were part of YWAM. Our daughter has done two YWAM courses, which included outreaches in Indonesia and Canada, both very good. As a result, she gave up being a Snr Paediatric Nurse and worked for a Christian charity in London helping children affected by HIV and Aids, for two years, until Jan this year.

    I admire the variety of writing in your portfolio.

  2. jose melendez on said:

    First and for most I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my email.
    My name is Jose Melendez and I have been writing since I was 14 and I am 41 now.
    I started with poems and lyrics and within the last 5 years I have expanded to synopsis of story’s that I would love to turn into book and screen plays.
    I did do a little bit of college and have been reading books on both ares and more with the purpose of writing for CHRIST whether it becomes a living or not.
    I currently work full time as a dispatcher and part time I write for a magazine called “Rep Tha King”. I have been writing and looking for places that would take me on and coach me as I learn an become better at this. But most place either want an arm or a leg and if not they just don’t respond back. So I write to you in hope of building a relationship and a bond that can help each other and others on this journey of writing and life.

  3. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Hello Verica! Yes YWAM was a lifetime ago. Nearly 19 years since my husband and I left. They were formative years though and I’m so glad we spent time there. Life changing. Your daughter sounds like she’s doing some worthwhile work. God bless her.

  4. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Hello Jose,

    I hope this little course will help you. If you want to actually try to make some money from writing – a very tricky thing to do – then perhaps have a look at my non-fiction writing course as there is more of a paying market. Your part-time job at the magazine sounds like it’s a good training ground for you. Learning on the job is the best way to move forward. Writing screenplays, novels, poems etc for most people will bring in no more than pocket money – but are still wonderful things to do. I don’t know if I can help you more beyond that. I do not do one to one coaching but have just put up these courses for free to help people like you. The courses as they are online are all I can offer you and I cannot mentor you personally. I hope you enjoy them and learn from them. God bless, Fiona

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