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Crafty Publishing

Crafty PublishingThe Crafty Writer is proud to announce the launch of its new publishing wing, Crafty Publishing. Some ‘how to’ books based on the popular Crafty Courses are in the pipeline but for now we’re launching with a stunning children’s picture book called David and the Hairy Beast, the first in a series of six.

David and the Hairy Beast

David and the Hairy BeastDavid’s dad gives him a very important job to do. But can the shepherd boy overcome his fear of the Hairy Beast to save the flock?

Written by Fiona Veitch Smith.
Illustrations by Amy Barnes.

Drop by Crafty Publishing now to order your copy.

Going Indie – starting an e-publishing company

I’ve had a good response to my interview with Khaled Mukerjee on self-publishing on Kindle – but I thought I’d take it a step further. Tambra Kendall, who has featured on the Crafty Writer before talking about how to write romantic fiction, has recently started her own e-publishing company, Daughters of Avalon. Tambra is not a first-time author and has already had some success in print and online books, so I asked her why she decided to start publishing her own material. And why, specifically, e-books?
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