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Pig Stew – the reviews!

After a nervous wait the cast, crew and I are thrilled to read a raft of fabulous reviews! Here are the latest ones:

From the Newcastle Journal (in the print version we’re reviewed on the same page as Alan Bennett!) 

From Spike Mike is Breaking a Leg (online theatre reviewer)

From Jesmond Local (an innovative online hyperlocal newspaper staffed largely by students from Newcastle University media department)

Theatre – it’s in the blood!

Strange that Pig Stew is being performed at the People’s Theatre. Turns out some (fairly distant) relatives of mine founded the theatre a hundred years ago!  Ya see, it’s all in the blood 🙂

Read all about it and the run up to Pig Stew in the Newcastle Journal

Great opening night last night. Here’s to the cast and crew breaking some trotters for the rest of the run.

Opening Night for Pig Stew

Pig Stew opens tonight at the People’s Theatre in Newcastle. The cast includes:

Amy Nicol as Juliet
Jo Kelly as Louise
Mel Dagg as Denise
Stuart Laidler as Matthew

Director: Sarah McLane

Here’s a clip from Pig Stew and an interview with me and Jo Kelly on KYEO TV

If you haven’t booked yet there are still tickets available. Follow the link on the KYEO TV page.

Break a trotter everyone!