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Book Review Carnival

Writers love to read. If you’ve read any good books lately why not submit a review to the Book Review Blog Carnival? You won’t get paid, but it’s an excellent oppportunity to hone your writing skills and check out what everyone else is reading.

Copywriting: write to sell

How many of you set a writing goal for 2009 that included earning money from your writing? Or earning more money from your writing? I’m in the second category. My creative writing, feature writing and screenwriting are going well but not earning that much money. (For a lively discussion on how much writers really earn check out Can you earn money as a writer?) With this in mind, I’ve decided I need to expand my commercial copywriting activities. I’ve set up a new Crafty Writer Copywriting Service website and am working on getting some new clients.

andy-maslen-write-to-sellI also thought I’d better brush up on my copywriting skills. So I bought Write to Sell: the Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting by Andy Maslen. Although the pompous title initially put me off (I’m suspicious of  anyone who claims to be the ultimate or final word on anything) the reader reviews on Amazon convinced me it was worth having a look.
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Beginner Blogging course

As a spin-off from the writing for the internet session in my ever popular non-fiction writing course, Rod Smith, my technical advisor, is running a 10-week course on helping people get started in blogging. And for those of you who have already tried their hand at this most modern form of writing, he will help you develop and ‘monetize’ your blog. It’s based at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in Newcastle upon Tyne. For more information visit Rod’s own blog

For those of you who can’t make it, why not check out Rod’s guest posts right here on The Crafty Writer – Beginner Blogging for Writers 1, 2 & 3

Oh, he told me to tell you, he taught me everything I know. Mmm, well, not everything, Rod.