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10 steps to becoming a professional screenwriter

Today I’m sitting by the phone waiting to hear if I’ve got my second short film commission. While I’m doing that, I’ve just been reading through an excellent series of articles by Danny Stack on how to become a professional screenwriter. They’re so good, in fact, that I thought I’d share them with you:

  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 1: Reading
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 2: Writing
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 3: Networking
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 4: Industry Insider
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 5: Get an Agent
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 6: Discipline
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 7: Attitude
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 8: Choosing Work
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 9: In the Know
  • Professional Screenwriter, Step 10: Doing the Do
  • If I do get that commission, I might just try and put step 5 into practice. Wish me luck!

    Co-authoring: when two become one

    kelsey-drake-scordrilThere’s a new writer in the world of children’s fiction and her name is Kelsey Drake. Kelsey’s first published book is Scordril, a novel for the 9 – 12 age group. It’s the story of a lair of dragons who are under attack from the sinister ‘night dragons’, wielding an ancient and dangerous magic. But what the readers of ‘Scordril’ may not realise is that Kelsey Drake is actually two people: Eleanor Patrick and Sue Brownless. The Crafty Writer asked Eleanor and Sue about their experience of co-authoring and self-publishing their first novel.

    Eleanor Patrick
    Eleanor Patrick
    Sue Brownless
    Sue Brownless

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    Screenwriting: the director’s perspective

    In my last post on Filmmaking: the screenwriter’s role I told you how many people, including the director, can suggest or even demand a script rewrite.  So I’ve asked an up and coming writer / director for his perspective on the creative process.

    Alex Kinsey is a 28 year old actor and director. Acting work has included short films, TV dramas, commercials and theatre work. He wrote, directed and produced his first short film ‘Smile’ – a strange tale of a sinister meeting in the ‘Get Carter’ car park in Gateshead. Alex directed the short film ‘Maybe One Day’ through the Stingers scheme in 2008. Another recent short film he wrote and directed, ‘The Other Woman’, can be seen on Northern Film and Media‘s website.
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    Report writing – the nuts and bolts

    Last week freelance writer and guest blogger Suzanne Elvidge gave us some tips on how to find work in the potentially lucrative field of report writing. This week she shows us how to go about producing the copy.
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