No time to read?

Stephen King of Stephen King fame revealed recently that he has no time for writers who say they have no time to read. ‘If you want to write you’ve got to read – everything,’ says King.

Had any magic moments lately?

Now I’m feeling guilty about nodding off last night before I read another chapter of The Book Thief (the next book we will be discussing in our Book Club). Naughty, naughty me. Mind you, Stephen, I was just about to start reading your book On Writing – does that count?

He does make a good point though. When I critique work, it’s sadly obvious when the writer has not read much within the genre they are trying to write for. This is particularly true with writing for children when many adult writers have not read any contemporary novels since their own childhood. It’s market research, pure and simple.

Now, I’d better stop writing. I’ve got a book to read. But before I go, I’ve just been reminded of that quote by Benjamin Disraeli: ‘If I want to read a good book I’ll write one.’

So how do you find the balance between writing and reading?

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2 comments on “No time to read?

  1. For me, it’s not a question of balance between reading and writing that needs to be addressed. It’s a question of getting rid of the distractions that keep me away from both.

    It has helped tremendously now that I’m not watching TV anymore.

    Great video.

  2. Meg Stokes on said:

    I agree, Bryce – life definitely gets in the way sometimes of both reading and writing. However, I think it’s all about making the most of every opportunity to read. I take books to hospital/doctor appointments, on train journeys etc. I read at night before I go to sleep – if it’s a real page-turner, I sometimes find it difficult to put the book down. I’m a great library fan – support your local library! Sometimes, I re-read books I have found particularly enjoyable – the Terry Pratchett Discworld books are a case in point. Of course, this means annoying everyone around you when you laugh out loud at bits you’d forgotten. This is even worse if you read at night with your partner next to you trying to sleep!

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