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Play festivals and competitions

If you are in Newcastle on Friday 29 February, drop by Live Theatre to see Shortcuts, a marathon of 16 five minute plays. My play, ‘Pig Stew’, about three sisters who inherit a pig farm in Northumberland, will be one of the contestants. The audience have a chance to vote for their favourite short play. Starting at 6pm.

More good news on the play front is that ‘The Idol of Sarajevo’ is a semi-finalist in the Reverie New Generation Playwriting Contest in New York. The winner will receive a full staging in the big apple. Sarajevo has already been shortlisted for three other awards, so let’s hope this time it will be the bride and not just the bridesmaid.

For a list of play competitions – a good way to get yourself and your scripts noticed – check out Writernet

No time to read?

Stephen King of Stephen King fame revealed recently that he has no time for writers who say they have no time to read. ‘If you want to write you’ve got to read – everything,’ says King. Continue reading ‘No time to read?’

Poetry: are you listening carefully?

The Crafty Writer has managed to persuade accomplished poet Joan Johnston to write a series of posts in which she will introduce readers to the beautiful art of poetry and encourage you to pick up a pen and sketch pictures with words. This month, Joan talks about the importance of listening. Continue reading ‘Poetry: are you listening carefully?’

Romance fiction: more than just sex

Wicked Pleasures by Tambra KendallFor Valentine’s Day the Crafty Writer has asked Texan romance novelist Pollyanna Williamson (aka Tambra Kendall and Kelia Greer) to tell us a bit more about writing for this genre. And if you’re more interested in how much the flower industry generates than sighing over the roses, perhaps these figures will turn you on:

  • Romance novels generate around 1.52 billion U.S. dollars in sales
  • There are 51 million readers from all walks of life
  • Romance comprises 53.3% of all paperback fiction sales in America

Do we have your attention? Good. Now over to Polly: Continue reading ‘Romance fiction: more than just sex’

A health writer coughs up

Alex Gazzola Alex Gazzola is an author and journalist specialising in food, nutrition and health, with a particular focus on food intolerance, food allergy, digestion and digestive orders. Continue reading ‘A health writer coughs up’

Weekly Writing Sessions at Cumberland Arms

The Crafty Writer’s Kathleen Kenny will be hosting weekly writing sessions at the Cumberland Arms in Byker, Newcastle, UK, starting 7 February. Every Thursday, avid writers will gather to share ideas, advice and constructive criticism of their ongoing work. £6/£4 concessions. No experience necessary. All welcome. 7.30 – 9.30pm. The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn, Byker. Tel: (0191) 265 6151

Update 22/02/2008
Unfortunately this won’t be happening for the next while, but we’ll let you know when the bar opens again. Cheers!

Getting Started in Copywriting 1

It’s a well-worn theme on the Crafty Writer that it’s difficult to earn a living as a writer, but we don’t want you to give up in despair. So we’ve asked top copywriter Gill D’Achada to tell you about one way writers can make money: through copywriting… Continue reading ‘Getting Started in Copywriting 1’

Melpomene’s First Run


at Northern Stage, Newcastle

‘It’s 1896 and marathon runner Stamata Ravithi is given the nickname ‘Melpomene’ (Muse of Tragedy) when she tries to run in the first modern Olympic Games. One woman’s determination not to be put down by men has inspired generations of female athletes to compete at the highest level. This modern Greek tragedy explores the relationship between sport, art and human potential.’ Continue reading ‘Melpomene’s First Run’