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I’m really chuffed that my first screenplay, Enemy Lines, is going to be made into a film. And thanks to Peter Dillon, my tutor, for helping me on my way. Enemy Lines is a five-minute film short about a British soldier returning from Iraq to face a barrage of anti-war protestors. It has been selected to be filmed for Northern Film and Media‘s Stingers 6 programme and will be screened in September 2008.

It will be directed by Michael Steel (whose own film, Neville in a Blue Dress was produced for Stingers 5 by Bridge and Tunnel Productions), and will be produced by FNA Films. In December we had our first meeting where we discussed our respective visions for the film. I had been warned that this is where writers begin to lose control of their ‘baby’, but I was encouraged that the producer, director and I seemed to have very similar ideas. However, if they had other ideas, I’ve learnt enough as a ghostwriter and feature writer that collaboration is the key to a good final product. If you want to write for film, you will need to be prepared to let go.

Will I be able to do so? I’ll let you know in my next post.

syd-field-screenplay-the-foundations-of-screenwritingIf you’re interested in writing screenplays, check out the following resources:

For books to get you started I can recommend:

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  1. Duncan on said:


  2. Sylvia Dickey Smith on said:

    Great going!! Sounds like a neat screenplay! Hope it works out well for you!

  3. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    Thanks Sylvia, I appreciate it.

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