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Non-fiction – how to write a proposal

free non-fiction writing courseThis is the seventh installment in my eight week course on non-fiction writing. Last week we looked at how to write a feature article for magazines; this week we will be discussing:

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People’s Play Award + scriptwriting resources

My stage play, The Idol of Sarajevo, has been shortlisted for the People’s Play Award. Winner to be announced at the end of December. If I win, I shall be blogging about my experiences in the run-up to the staging of the play in May 2008. So wish me well and watch this space! I developed this play on my MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University.

For more free resources on writing for theatre visit:

Books I can reccommend include:

Free online books

It’s not everyday you get something for nothing. For all those classic books you always wished you’d read, Abacci books is a fantastic resource for free e-books. Everything from Louisa May Alcott to Martin Luther King and thousands of others are available for download. I’ve just added it to my favourites.

Christian Writing Course

We write because we were created to. Ever since the first scratchings on cave walls, people have tried to communicate their thoughts, stories and ideas through the written word. People of faith are no different. Writing as Worship and Witness is a six-week course, hosted on the Crafy Writer’s sister site,, and is aimed at people who want to explore writing as part of their Christian walk.

Free email writing courses

I’ve just come across these FREE writing courses from Email College, Birmingham, UK. There are courses on dozens of writing topics including horror, romance, memoir, comedy, poetry, magazine writing, children’s writing, Science Fiction, e-book publishing and many, many more. They are open to people worldwide.

You may also want to check out their Creative Pathway website which gives advice and services to artists, film makers, writers and publishers.