Creative writing course takes a break

For all my regular online visitors and students, the Introduction to Creative Writing Course is taking a break for half term. We’ll be back next week with characterisation. In its place I’ve asked Science Fiction author Simon Morden to write a guest blog on using feedback to improve your work. You may also want to check out this Friday’s blog on non-fiction writing which will be all about writing autobiographies.

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2 comments on “Creative writing course takes a break

  1. Marge Lange on said:

    Hi Fiona,
    I was sorry to have missed last week’s session due to illness, however, I’m endeavouring to catch up being able to download the info from your blog. I was off the “Net” for three weeks due to technical problems, it’s great to be on again. Hope you are having a well earned break with your family. See you next Wednesday.

  2. Fiona Veitch Smith on said:

    No problem Marge. We missed you though. Irene also didn’t make it. However, everyone who was there agreed that bringing your writing to life was the most useful session so far. So now that you’re back online, have a go at reviewing it. I asked the students to bring a piece of writing next week which they had worked on with the exercises from that session in mind. You should also be receiving some critiqueing work from Margaret and Tammy. Please go through it before the session. See you next week!

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