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Getting your book to market

I’ve just been featured on Christian Bookshops Blog talking about getting my new book, David and the Hairy Beast, into independent bookshops. If you are thinking of doing the same, drop by and read about my recent experience. For a list of independent bookshops in the UK, visit Local

Five things you need to know about getting your book into indie bookshops:

  1. Your book must have an ISBN number and barcode and be Nielsen registered.
  2. Be prepared to give 35% – 40% wholesale discount off the cover price.
  3. You need to phone first then ask if you can send a sample to them (be prepared to lose this stock if they don’t want to order more).
  4. anna-crosbie-how-to-publish-your-own-book

  5. If they do stock your book they’re not likely to take more than a handful in the first instance.
  6. Terms offered should be 30 days.

For more on publishing your own book and getting it to market, read Anna Crosbie’s How to Publish Your Own Book.