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Kindle – an author’s story

art-epstein-chak-chak-the-last-t-rexAs we all know e-books are the new big thing. Traditional publishing houses churn out e-versions of their print books as a matter of course these days. And while the jury is still out on whether or not electronic books will completely replace the paper variety, no one can argue that they aren’t here to stay. I’ve been wondering how easy it is to go down this route so when I heard that a Creative Writing MA student of mine (in script, not prose) had just published his young adult novel for the Amazon Kindle, I asked him to tell me about it. Khaled Mukerjee writes as Art Epstein. Chak Chak the Last T-Rex is available for download now. Now over to Khaled: Continue reading ‘Kindle – an author’s story’

Book club at Bosnian orphanage

Orphanage book club
An orphanage helper shares a book with a young reader
A friend of mine is a humanitarian aid worker in Banja Luka, Bosnia. In one of her recent newsletters she mentioned that she had started a book club at a local orphanage. I thought Crafty readers would be interested to hear how books and the love of reading are helping to touch lives. And if you are touched enough to give financial aid to this worthy project, all the better! So without further ado, over to Belinda: Continue reading ‘Book club at Bosnian orphanage’