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Can you look at my writing for free?

I have been running this writing advice website for nearly five years now. And in that time I’ve resisted writing what I’m going to write now, telling myself that it won’t help to air my views in public. Well it might not help in the long run but it will make me feel better now, so here goes: Continue reading ‘Can you look at my writing for free?’

Myro the Microlight takes off

nick-rose-myro-arrives-in-australiaMyro the Microlight, a series of children’s picture books on which I’ve worked as a writer for the last five years, has been launched. From sheep rescues and  bush fires to supersonic plane crashes and meetings with a broken-down Tiger Moth, not even the sky’s the limit for this high flying hero.

I’ve been proud to work with a team of very talented people headed up by series creator Nick Rose and am thrilled that the first six books are now on the shelves.

The stories are about the adventures of Myro, a little microlight who moves to Australia from Britain. They’re aimed at boys and girls from 3 – 7 and are both educational and entertaining. 

Apart from the books, there is a cd of singalong Myro songs and we’ve just started work on the pilot of a DVD series (I’m working as the screenwriter). Children can also have fun with the interactive website and join the Myro Club.

Writing for Children

If you would like to learn more about this topic, check out my series of articles on writing for children, and specifically the article on writing picture books.