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Christian fiction

For those subscribers who are waiting for my promised overview of the Christian publishing market, check this out while you wait. Abidemi Sanusi from pointed me towards this article on Christian fiction in the UK in Christianity magazine. Have a read then share your views.

Children’s writing competitions

Unpublished children’s writers might want to check out this competition run by Chicken House and The Times. They’re looking for manuscripts of under 80,000 words in any genre, for 9 – 16 age group. Closing date is 17 November 2007.

‘Amateur’ (not sure if this means unpublished) children’s writers can enter the Academy of Children’s Writers competition. Any age. Any genre. Closing date 31 March 2008.

Short stories or books up to 1,000 words are wanted for the Writers’ Advice Centre Children’s Story Competition. Any age. Must be suitable for current market. Closing date: 31 August 2008.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration you may want to check out my free articles on writing for children: what makes a good children’s book, picture books, sex and romance, mysteries and thrillers. Or have a look at my children’s book Donovon’s Rainbow, which is available as a free download.

Ghostwriting contracts and services

I’m a ghost. You may not know me by name, but you might know some of my ghostwritten books. In many cases the ghostwriter / client relationship is protected by a confidentiality agreement, but in others, the named author is all too happy to admit that they have had some help in writing their book. That’s the kind of ghostwriting I prefer: where egos are in their rightful place.

Egos can make or break a ghostwriting contract; either the ghost’s or the client’s. If you are the kind of writer that must have their name emblazoned across the front cover then maybe this isn’t the type of writing for you. If on the other hand you are satisfied with knowing that you have written a good story, and you don’t mind if someone else takes the adulation (or flak!), then you could be a successful ghostwriter. It may also be a step towards having your own work published some day. Continue reading ‘Ghostwriting contracts and services’

Introduction to Creative Writing Course

For new writers living in the Blyth / Seaton Deleval area of Northumberland, I will be running an 8-week course introducing the basics of creative writing, starting on Wednesday 26 September 2007. Continue reading ‘Introduction to Creative Writing Course’

Non-fiction writing course

For all writers in the NE of England: explore all kinds of non-fiction writing – autobiography, specialist articles, opinion pieces, writing for the internet, travel writing and much more, in this 8-week course. Starting Friday, 5 October 2007, 10.30am at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Newcastle. Continue reading ‘Non-fiction writing course’

Children’s book to support HIV Aids ministry

I’ve just relaunched my children’s book, Donovon’s Rainbow as an e-book, and made it available as a free download. Or you can buy print copies of the book; 10% of all sales will go to Beautiful Gate Ministries, supporting HIV Aids orphans in Africa. For more information click here.